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Tips for Hearing Aid Wearers

Adjusting to new hearing aids can be challenging, especially if you’ve never worn hearing aids before. At EarTech, we will help you with the adjustment period and check-in frequently to make sure you are hearing your best and getting the most out of your hearing aids. Below we’ve gathered some useful tips to make your adjustment period easier, so you can experience the joys of better hearing.

  • Wait five minutes before engaging your battery, this will greatly improve your battery life.
  • When you are first fit for hearing aids, frequent appointments are crucial for proper adjustments.
  • Try wearing your hearing aids as much as possible. However, if you do experience “ear fatigue,” take them out for a brief period of time.
  • Do not frequently adjust the volume on your devices. Try setting your devices to a specific volume range that you can get familiar and comfortable with.
  • Don’t wear your hearing aids only when you need them. To get the most out of your investment wear them every day so you can adjust to them much quicker.
  • Don’t wear your hearing aids in the water. Be sure to take them out when you are in the shower or go swimming.

Hearing FAQs

During your hearing consultation we will have a discussion about your hearing loss so you can feel educated. We believe patient education is critical to understanding the needs for each individual and to include them in the process. Unlike other hearing aid practices, EarTech always sets an hour for examinations and 30 minutes for service. This provides ample time to answer questions and help teach our patients how to properly use their hearing aids. We strongly encourage you to bring a family member or friend to your visit. This allows us to teach them about your hearing loss and how they can speak to you to improve communication in various noisy situations.
The hearing examination or hearing test takes approximately 30 minutes. First, we will perform a visual examination of the ear to look for any abnormalities. This allows us to see if you have any blockage in your ear or other conditions, such as an ear infection, that need to be addressed. Then the audiological examination will begin. This involves listening to tones and repeating words back to the examiner. You will also have a small instrument placed behind your ear and using vibrations this will give us an idea if you have any other ear abnormalities. This process lets us know what type of hearing loss you have and how we can help you experience better hearing. It typically takes about 30 minutes to explain the results to you and your family.
Hearing aid repairs take 15 minutes for a quick cleaning, a service that is provided for free to anyone who comes into EarTech. Damaged hearing aids take one day to one week for a repair. We have an in-house repair technician who has manufactured and repaired hearing aids for 25 years. This allows us to charge half the cost of other audiology and hearing aid practices. Our technician will also help answer technical questions if needed.
Wearing new hearing aids does take some time to adjust to, it’s important to be patient and to continue wearing your devices. When you first receive your hearing aids and have them programmed for your hearing loss we will see you for a 7-day follow up appointment. Then we like to see you for a one month follow up unless any other adjustments are needed prior. Once we know you are adjusting to your hearing aids then we will see you in 6 months. Adjusting can be challenging, that’s why we will be with you for every step of the process.
No! When you come in for a hearing test we will never pressure you to buy hearing aids. If we truly believe you have a degree of hearing loss that should be treated with hearing aids then we will encourage you to consider them. But if you don’t have hearing loss, or if it is not severe enough for hearing aids, then we will tell you. We just want you to come in annually for a regular hearing test to make sure you can still hear and are healthy.
OTC (over-the-counter) hearing aids are not as technologically advanced as the devices we sell at EarTech. Also, when you purchase hearing aids at a big-box store you aren’t getting the one-on-one attention and care that you deserve. At EarTech, we will program and fit your hearing aids to your individual needs, and we will educate you on your hearing loss. Patients who have purchased hearing aids from big-box stores are often unhappy or return their devices because they still can’t hear well. We have less than a .05% return rate because we take the time to properly fit and program your hearing aids so you can feel satisfied and confident with your devices.
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